Friday, 23 September 2016

Valley Road Return

Valley Road Returns!!!

After a 4 month summer break, Valley Road is back with it's weekly Sunday cartoon today! 

We had a great summer and are glad to be back.

This week we look at what we all did this summer!

Valley Road is available each Sunday on Facebook, Twitter 
and here on the Bitter End Blog. The blog officially runs each Wednesday with a new Wiggins cartoon and also a Poke cartoon on Friday. There will be blog entries every so often in between.

Currently we are putting together our first collection of Valley Road cartoons!! This will be a 24 full colour glossy page booklet of your favourite Valley Road cartoons. I have 20 that I feel show the best of all of them. There will also be two new cartoons that will only be published within this booklet. What I need from you to make this happen is orders. 20 to be exact. When I have 20 or more commitments the book will get printed and be available for pickup or can be mailed out. The cost? $4.00 (+ postage). If this is of interest to you, please email: and place your order. If you have a Paypal account mention that for details on using it.

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