Sunday, 11 September 2016

Introducing Springsyde Studio


Springsyde Studio is the new home for all the fun we have here on Valley Road. As you know Valley Road Cartoon took the summer off and promised we would be back in September. Well, it is now September. So before we start up let me tell you about what we have been up to since May!


We have made lots of changes. Not only a new home name for all the cartoons but we have added lots of stuff! Beginning Wednesday, September 21, Wiggins (that's him above) will be joining the gang here at Springsyde Studio. Wiggins is a person of sorts, he has a certain perspective on everyday things and likes to let you know how he feels. Wiggins will appear each Wednesday and will be part of a weekly blog called “Bitter End”. You can find this blog right here


Also we will be starting a comic called Poke about the misadventures of everyday life. Poke has been around for a while now just not publicly. Although this one may not be for everyone, or the faint of heart, you will be fine if you take it with a grain of salt...

Valley Road

And finally... our first Valley Road cartoon will come on Sunday, September 25th. Watch for the return and check us out on our Facebook Page!

So it has been an exciting summer here and it will be an exciting September on Valley Road and beyond!! Make sure you start following Springsyde Studio on Twitter to keep up with all the fun!

The Best of Valley Road! Get yours!

To get everyone ready for the start we are looking at putting together our first collection of Valley Road cartoons!! This will be a 24 full colour glossy page booklet of your favourite Valley Road cartoons. I have 20 that I feel show the best of all of them. There will also be two new cartoons that will only be published within this booklet. What I need from you to make this happen is orders. 20 to be exact. When I have 20 or more commitments the book will get printed and be available for pickup or can be mailed out. The cost? $4.00 (+ postage). If this is of interest to you, please email: and place your order. If you have a Paypal account mention that for details on using it.

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